Manufacturing Footwear

Manufacturing Footwear

In 1972, late Mr. P.J. Joseph established manufacturing units in Calicut and Pondicherry that made rubber flip flops. The first unit was started with an annual capacity of 0.9 million pairs of flip flops in Calicut.

Josco started its operations under the two main brands of footwear Fischer and Miami Cushion. Fischer and Miami Cushion were pioneers in rubber flip flops and took top position in the South Indian market thanks to high quality, comfort, durability and reasonable price.

Josco’s endeavor has always been to adhere to high quality, from the stage of raw material procurement to final stage of packing and dispatching. The recognition for high quality standards came in 1997, the Silver Jubilee year when Josco won the International Business Excellence award.

Though the main business has been in rubber foot wear, Josco expanded its footwear business into manufacturing of PVC, PU, EVA and Stuck On footwear over the years. New factories were set up in Kerala and Pondicherry. They serve markets like South India and the Middle East. In 2000, Josco started a premium brand of footwear named Methyz (Methiyadi) with unique design registered in India and several international markets. It was an instant hit with the youth of countries like India, Australia, Spain, Portugal, France, Japan, Italy, North America, Israel etc.


Are you a brand owner looking to expand your product range or are you a trader/seller of branded products who would like to have your own brand?

We at Josco’s footwear manufacturing division can use our expertise and our manufacturing facilities to manufacture for you world-class footwear products in your brand name. India is set to be a global hub for manufacturing and our government is facilitating this development with the initiative MAKE IN INDIA , we invite you to be part of this movement.

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